Sunday, November 19, 2006

Online Family Meeting -

Typical Aunt Anna style, she was the family matriarch. I feel sort of like she's passing the torch on to me by having me run this insane game.

In any event, Aunt Anna was the one who always insisted on a "family meeting" when things became challenging for anyone in the family. She set up a message board to help all of us get through the next month in pursuit for the mysterious heirloom (seriously, I never heard anything about it but Anna acts like it was the talk of the town - has anyone ever heard anything about it???). So, Anna set up a message board so that we can have a permanent family meeting. I guess the "trials" are replacing the mandatory games of horseshoes and croquet that she used to make us play.

Okay - so get on over there, and let's get the famil meeting started. Register here for the board:
Aunt Anna will roll around in her grave until a respectable majority of you are on there, discussing her trials (and she'd probably like y'all to also discuss her amazingness).

Now....I just wish that these trials were as simple as a crossword puzzle!!


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