Sunday, November 19, 2006

Anna made a game out of our heirloom

This is bizarre. We have to solve these "trials". Aunt Anna had all of these files on her computer that I was supposed to upload and an application that I started. The application seems to be some sort of timer for the trials and the heirloom hunt.

It's kind of sick actually - Aunt Anna left me all of these little notes and made all of these documents and letters for us to see after she died. It's really creepy and ghostly. I thought halloween was over! Seriously, it's been incredibly rough to see all of these things from her. I miss her so much. It's painful to have her talking to me and communicating with me but I can't talk back. I can't ask her questions or for advise.

I don't know the correct answers to any of these trials, I just have this weird device that I can enter solutions in to. It tells me "correct" or "incorrect" and then advances the game accordingly. We're sort of on our own.

How long do you think Aunt Anna has been preparring for this. And is "this" synonymous with "her death"?

Well, let's get started then - here's a link to the website that Aunt Anna made at some point before she died and instructed me to come up here to Octotillo to upload. She was so weird! : You might have to clear your chache if you ever visited her site previously.


Blogger ithinkearthisheaven said...

Well wat to say , i dont know ,but yes i am feeling sad after reading ur blog. All i can do is say sorry and pray peace for her soul... but looks like she was brave lady who wanted to read you her life experience . A great soul

12:43 PM  

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